Ocean Rower Lia Ditton

Lia is training to be the first woman (and third person) to row solo and unsupported 5,500km across the Pacific Ocean, from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco, USA. The record attempt is due to take place in Spring 2021 and in the meantime, Lia who is British, has based herself on the west coast of America, so she can train in some of the worlds most challenging sea conditions.


Watch the showreel

Produced after her last epic row, 728 miles from Portland to San Francisco, this short showreel gives a sense of the challenges Lia faces.

Our work with Lia

Short films:

We've been working with Lia since 2017 to create short films that document her epic training rows and experiences at sea. The first, Engage Your Senses: episode 5, was made as part of a series of 5 films for Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports. The second, Perseverence was selected for the Four Season Film Festival and shown at the BFI in London in 2019. Watch all the films below.

Social Media Content: 

We're responsible for all social media content during Lia's latest row, including posting her 'real time' daily blogs from the boat, pre-prepared imagery, fun facts and educational video clips to help her engage with all ages across the world. Follow Lia at @rowliarow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Tenacity - Oregon Coast Row

Perseverance - California Coast Row

Determination - The Farallon Islands 

Engage Your Senses