#EngageYourSenses – Women’s Stories of Adventure. Episode 2. Laura Kennington

Danielle Sellwood // 15 January 2018 

Laura Kennington loves going on an adventure, whether that be by canoe, bike or on two feet. During these trips she has come to realise that adventure and sport are hugely powerful tools for developing mind set, so she’s using her experiences to help others unlock their own potential.

Laura is the second of five women sharing their experiences of sport and adventure through our #EngageYourSenses project with Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports. In their own words, the women describe what they feel, see, smell, taste and hear during their adventures and explain how these experiences enrich their lives.

Laura discovered a love for adventure at an early age by embracing muddy countryside exploration near her family’s farm in Suffolk. But it wasn’t until years later, living in London and working in the fitness industry, that she became interested in the human body and how it copes under physical stress. This lead to her curiously exploring the limits of her own body and she hasn’t looked back since!


“If there’s one thing that I'm certain of, it’s that we are all capable of much more than we realise”

Laura’s adventures have taken her to some fascinating locations, but recently she’s come to recognise that adventures don’t always need to be far-flung or incredibly expensive. #PaddlingHome for Christmas saw Laura kayak 236 miles from Lechlade on the Upper Thames to Tower Bridge in Central London. She has also cycled the 2600km Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland and run 100 miles across Fuerteventura and most recently cycled to Holland in search of pancakes.

All these adventures contribute to Laura’s understanding and knowledge of human endurance and she uses them in her inspiring and often humorous talks - or Adventure storytime - as she calls them!


If you’d like to find out where and when Laura is talking then check out her website: www.lauraexplorer.com and sign up for her newsletter.


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