After three months alone and unassisted at sea, Lia Ditton arrived in Waikiki to set a new Women’s
World Record for rowing from San Francisco to Hawaii. Lia’s achievement was hailed by the world’s press as an epic

tale of triumph over mental and physical challenges, including illness, two capsizes, a shortage of food, and persistent adverse winds and currents. Her story captivated audiences across the globe.

Describing the voyage as “the greatest psychological challenge of my life,” for Lia, this was never about setting records,

it was a row to reinvention, because for two and a half years, Lia had a stalker. To survive, she walked away from a

successful sailing career, from friends, her home, her life. She reached rock bottom. And then, it was time to stop hiding.

It was time to rise up. Lia began training to achieve something no woman has done before, to row 5,500 miles from

Choshi, Japan to San Francisco, USA, solo and unsupported; one of the last true and historic ‘firsts’.

With each row, Lia becomes stronger, wiser and closer to her goal. This row to Hawaii represents halfway, half the

distance and halfway to recovery.


Why attempt this? Why put yourself at risk? Lia is always asked why. The answer is not simple. There is the wildlife,

stunning skies - many beautiful and rare moments that few people ever experience. The sense of achievement. But the

most important answer is that by rowing oceans, Lia is recovering, empowering herself and forging a new life.



This feature length documentary tells the story of Lia’s row to Hawaii. Featuring a mix of footage recorded at sea and

candid interviews with Lia, set to an exquisite music score and evocative soundtrack, this film takes the viewer on an emotional, yet inspiring journey across the ocean. Its message is timely, set against the backdrop of the #metoo movement

as well as taking place during widespread isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it represents, resilience through difficult circumstances, determination in the face of adversity and dogged, unwavering perseverance.


Long-time collaborators, Lia Ditton and Danielle Sellwood have between them, decades of experience in the sports and adventure world. It is an industry and genre dominated by men, so for this film, Lia and Danielle are drawing in a talented crew of women. They include award-winning sound editor, Ania Przygoda and AVA - music producers, Anna Phoebe and Aisling Brouwer.



Lia Ditton, // Danielle Sellwood,

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