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Row lia row

Lia is training to be the first woman (and third person) to row solo and unsupported 5,500km across the Pacific Ocean, from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco, USA. I've been working with Lia since 2017 to create short films that document her epic training rows and experiences at sea. 87 Days, the most recent and longest film tells the story of her epic row from San Francisco to Hawaii in 2021, this highly acclaimed film was selected for the prestigious Kendal Mountain Film Festival and SHAFF (Sheffield Adventure Film Festival). 

Anna-Marie Watson, Ultra Runner.

Anna-Marie Watson shares her experiences of ultra running, why she runs and what running gives her. She is one of the UK's leading ultra runners, having won both the Half Marathon des Sables (2017) and the Salomon Cappadocia Ultra (2016).

cerebral Palsy Sport

One of my newest clients, CP Sport, asked me to work with them to capture the stories and experiences of the CP Sport community. These include athletes, families, volunteers and supporters. Most content is used to promote their work via social media, but a longer film is also at the planning stages. 

Four years, speed skating

What drives people to dedicate years of their life to a minority sport?A sport that only gets media coverage once every four years at the Winter Olympics. This is behind the scenes documentary follows the GB Speed Skating team as they attempt to become the first women’s relay to qualify a Winter Olympics.


Engage your senses

The Engage Your Senses project with Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports tells 5 diverse women's stories. In their own words, the women describe what they feel, see, smell, taste and hear during their adventures and explain how these experiences enrich their lives. Georgia is deaf and has autism, she describes how climbing gives her freedom and confidence. Millie is blind and competes with her guide Brett, she explains the feeling of skiing at the highest level at the Paralympics. 

personal projects

Under the title of the Finding Empowerment project, I seek out untold stories of sport and adventure and create short films. For me, these films are part of my constant learning and give me the opportunity to help raise the profile of people whos' stories we rarely hear. Jennifer Gattrell was the goalie for the Welsh Homeless World Cup Team in Cardiff 2019 and describes how football has helped her through difficult times. Sophie Kamlish is a Paralympic sprinter, she explains her frustration at being described as brave and how running has enriched her life.

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