So often, when women speak about their experiences of sport and adventure the word “empowering” crops up in the narrative - from either women themselves or the journalist, filmmaker, writer or others framing the story. 


In fact the idea of sport as ‘empowering for women’ is internationally recognised as an important one,

“Sport has huge potential for empowering women and girls”UN Women Deputy Executive Director Lakshmi Puri

However, we’re not sure what we mean when we say ‘empowering’? We’re not sure if we all mean or experience the same thing? In fact, we seriously doubt that we do. And we want to know more about how sport and outdoor adventure can be ‘empowering’ and also what

about when they are not?


At Find It Film our mission is to use film to inspire, encourage and showcase women and girls as role models in the pursuit of getting more people active in sport and outdoor adventure. So it matters to us that we understand more about this idea of ‘empowerment’, directly through the experiences and stories of women and girls.


Watch the short films

Anna-Marie Watson, Ultra Runner.

Anna-Marie Watson is one of the UK's leading ultra runners, she is currently ranked 7th in the Ultra Trail World Tour Annual Women's Rankings and has won both the Half Marathon des Sables (2017) and the Salomon Cappadocia Ultra (2016).

Jennifer Gattrell, Footballer.

In this short film, Jen shares her story and describes how football helps her through difficult times, she calls it as her drug. Having the opportunity to lead the Homeless World Cup parade through Cardiff alongside the actor Michael Sheen and then to play in front of cheering supporters was a dream come true.

Sophie Kamlish, sprinter.

Paralympian, Sophie Kamlish shares her thoughts on what sport and in particular being good at sprinting has brought to her life.

Jo Moseley, Paddleboarder.

Jo Moseley reflects on how it feels to rediscover sport and adventure in her 50's. The connection to the sea that she has found through paddle boarding is both restorative and empowering.

Bronwen Granville, Fencer.

GB Junior Fencer Bronwen Granville shares her thoughts on when sport is empowering and also when it is not.

Tim Miles, Coach.

Tim Miles is Bronwens coach. He know's more than most that when the pressure is on to win and you lose, sport can have a negative impact. 


Words: Lizzie Carr

Through stand up paddle boarding, Lizzie Carr not only found a way to help restore her wellbeing after treatment for cancer, but also found a purpose – environmental activism. Read the article here: #FindingEmpowerment Lizzie Carr

Words: ULTRA ATHLETE, Francesca Eyre

As part of our #FindingEmpowerment project, Danielle spoke to Francesca Eyre who didn’t discover sport until after she’d had three children but now takes part in ultra endurance events. Read the article here: #FindingEmpowerment Francesca Eyre

Words: Boxer, Stacey Copeland

As part of our #findingempowerment project Nicola spoke to professional boxer, former footballer  and all round #strongMCRwoman Stacey Copeland about acceptance in sport, notions of femininity and keeping on the fight for equality in boxing for women.

Read the article here: #FindingEmpowerment Stacey Copeland