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FIND IT FILM FESTIVAL supported by Natracare

Our launch event in Bristol couldn't have been better! Chrissie Wellington OBE opened the event and spoke about her life in triathlon and involvement in our headline film - Impossible. Mina Leslie-Wujastyk's film about climbing in South Africa proved really popular and there was a lot of love in the room for local filmmaker Hannah Price whos' film about Paragliding inspired everyone. The girls of the Bristol Storm Basketball team were also there in force to see the premiere of our own film featuring them. All in all it was fantastic evening and we're looking forward to bringing the event to more cities soon.


A huge thanks to Susie Hewson of Natracare who supported this event and the making of the Bristol Storm Basketball film, we couldn't have done it without their support. Thanks also to Meridian for providing Nut Bars for everyone and Cotswold Outdoor for the very popular Prize Draw. 

Head to our Facebook or Twitter pages to find out when our next event is!



Chrissie Wellington OBE. Bristol based Chrissie is a legend in the triathlon world having won the World Ironman title an incredible four times. Her first book, A Life Without Limits is a best seller and she is about to launch her second, To The Finish Line - a World Champions Guide To Your Perfect Race. Aside from her accolades, Chrissie is also known for her celebration of other peoples achievements, both in triathlon and more recently through her involvement in parkrun. We are delighted to have Chrissie open our first event - she embodies the spirit of Find It Film in every possible way.

Impossible. A documentary by Lukasz Warzecha about overcoming challenges that seem 'impossible'. Karen Darke provides the backdrop to the film as she tackles an ironman challenge, This is punctuated with interviews and insights about motivation and resilience to keep going towards far-reaching goals with Chrissie Wellington

Run. A Moving Portrait Documentary of runner, Paula Radcliffe. Filmmaker Jack Weatherley wants the audience to experience Paula’s world… The constant motion, speed, distance, texture, in both image and sound.

Jordanne. A short documentary about Jordanne Whiley, a 22 year old British wheelchair tennis player. This short by Zak Razvi has been shown at film festivals across the world and was a winner at the London Independent Film Festival.

Bristol Storm. Our own film in association with LW This short celebrates the often overlooked sport of Basketball. The women and girls of local team, Bristol Storm, share their love of the game, the amazing team spirit they enjoy and their ambitions to make it to the premier league. Project supported by Natracare

Mina Meets Godzilla. Mina Leslie-Wujastyk attempts to climb the fearsome Godzilla in South Africa.Filmed and directed by Nick Brown. Produced and edited by Jen Randall.


Wild Women – Hannah Barnes. Pro Yeti Rider Hannah Barnes Takes On The World Of Mountain biking. Hannah Barnes got into cycling relatively late (through her younger brother, Joe) and competed in her first MTB race, aged 18.

Anna and Bo: This is a film that explores the relationship between running partners and how that can build the best friendships. By up and coming film maker Jimmy Hyland 

The Sky’s the Limit: Have you ever dreamed of being able to fly? Four athletes have turned this dream into a reality and are ready to share the ups and downs of taking to the sky. This is is by local amateur filmmaker Hannah Price.

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