Festival selections

We're delighted that several of our films have received Film Festival selections, these screenings help us reach a broader audience which is a key part of what we aim to do!

Peseverance - California Coast Row

Four Seasons Film Festival UK premiere, 19th March 2019 8PM BFI Film Forever, London

#Engageyoursenses - Georgia Pilkington

Sheextreme 5th September 2018, Bristol

Adventure Uncovered 30th November 2018, Rich Mix, London


London Lift-Off - December 2018 Online

Nottingham International Film Festival 11th November 2018

Feminista Film Festival - 28 - 30 September 2018 at The Tabernacle, London.

Premiered at HOME in Manchester March 4, 2018.

Determination: Farallon Record

Last year as part of Lia Ditton's training to become the first woman to row the Pacific, she set herself a (smaller) challenge: circumnavigate the Farallon Islands – a chain of gnarly looking volcanic rocks some 26 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge. Prohibited to people, a wildlife sanctuary and shark feeding ground, the islands are shrouded in mystery. Lia had years of nightmares as a child after watching the film Jaws. Now row out towards a shark feeding ground? Alone? In a dinky rowboat?

This film documents the physical and emotional journey of what became one of the hardest feats Lia has ever accomplished.


A portrait of Sue Yeomans, World Champion in Pole Vault age 65-69 category. This film is a collaboration between Alex Rotas and Danielle Sellwood, it's a pilot for a longer documentary that we will be running a kickstarter campaign for soon. The film will delve into the lives of five female masters athletes over an eight-month period as they train and prepare to compete in International competition. We will meet their families, friends, coaches, and club mates to show the highs and lows as they defy societal expectations and challenge negative stereotypes of ageing. Welcome to the Maverick Generation.

Alex has been photographing Masters Athletes for 8 years and during that time has built a strong friendship with the athletes. She is a documenter of positive ageing and a passionate anti-ageism activist.

A behind the scenes documentary following the Great Britain Speed Skating team as they attempt to become the first women’s relay to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Director: Danielle Sellwood
Co-Director: Emma Shoesmith
Editing: Danielle Sellwood & Emma Shoesmith
DOP: Emma Shoesmith
Soundtrack: Will Ruben
Sound Design: Alejo Garcigoy-Zurita
Colour Grading:Max Ferguson-Hook / Time Based Arts
Produced by: Danielle Sellwood & Nicola Waterworth / Find it Film
Supported by: Prosell Learning Ltd


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