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Current project - Untethered

Documentary. Due Autumn 2024 as part of the Sky Sports New Focus Fund.

Melanie Barratt, a gold-medal winning Paralympian trains tethered to an elastic bungee in a small pool on her own, but now new ambitions are burning - she’s desperate to try open-water swimming. What happens next surpasses all expectations as she not only finds community, but also an increasing pride in her identity as a disabled woman.


For this immersive video project I am exploring ways to tell Melanie's story with her access needs considered from the very beginning.

Documentary Films

Our recent release, Younger - Looking Forward to Getting Older, was selected for Kendal Mountain Festival 2024, where it provoked much conversation and reaction: 

“This is absolutely the best film I’ve ever seen at Kendal!”

“Everyone needs to see this film.”

“What I took from it is never give up, even if you get ill or injured.” 


We can't wait to get it out to more screenings, watch this space! In the meantime here's a teaser.




Head to our Vimeo page to watch all our previous films. 

Click here to watch Older with AD (introduction and through AD)





Accessible Content Services

Accessible captions, audio description, alt text and BSL all make films and content available to D/deaf, blind and partially sighted, and benefit many others. We're working with partners Coldhouse Collective and several film festivals including, Banff Mountain Film Festival, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, Kendal Mountain Festival and Sheffield Adventure Film Festival to provide accessible screenings, educational workshops and open source guidelines (click on the image below to download). Some of this work has been made possible with the generous support of Berghaus and BFI Film Hub North.

Due to demand from film festivals, many of whom now request accessible captions and are looking to include audio description files in the near future, we now have a dedicated Instagram @Access_Adventure_film. Please head there for news of workshops, bite-size help guides and the latest films available with access built in.


We also provide these services to individuals and brands, so, if you need a film audio described or captioned, or a workshop delivered to your team. Please contact us for a quote or more information. 


Experience our audio description  
Click on the image to Download 
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