I'm working with athletes, brands, and teams to tell diverse stories of sport and adventure. Whether they are elite athletes or those just starting out, these stories celebrate the power of sport to change perceptions and bring communities together.

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Latest films 

87 DAYS - Alone Rowing the Pacific trailer

Midnight, 17 June 2020, Lia Ditton rowed alone under San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and out into open ocean. Sharks circled her boat. Twice she nearly drowned. 87 Days: Alone Rowing the Pacific is one woman’s epic story of survival; endlessly harrowing, ultimately triumphant. 

Selected for: Kendal Mountain Film Festival (premiere), SHAFF (Sheffield Adventure Film Festival), Wasatch Mountain Festival, London Mountain Festival, Annapolis Film festival.

Eight White Horses

161km in one day, the ancient White Horse Way across Wiltshire, in south west England. This epic route became Anna-Marie Watsons deeply personal ultra and a physical and mental lifeline during the Covid pandemic. A far cry from the glitz of the international Ultra Trail World Tour circuit, this solo challenge allowed Anna-Marie the space to reflect on her life before the enforced break from racing, and consider a new way forward.

Watch with accessible captions: https://youtu.be/BpEzi-VOpcg

Watch with Audio Description: https://youtu.be/zvdr8Aip45Y

Cerebral Palsy Sport

This short montage is part of ongoing work with CP Sport to capture the stories of athletes, their families, the community and the work that CP Sport does to support them. 

Clips and short videos are shown on the CP Sport YouTube channel as well as instagram.

Older 6min 30

Alex Rotas challenges stereotypes around ageing through her thought-provoking photography of older sportswomen. In this portrait, Alex discusses the issues surrounding women of all ages around how we look and act, and shares her own experiences as a young female tennis player growing up in the 1960s. This is part of a longer film project that tells the stories of female athletes in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Due for completion Jan 2023. 


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